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Our last full day in Korea last year we stopped at a cat café for a break and to play with the cats there. Last week, mm found out about a cat café locally, so we decided to see what it’s like. It’s at a station at the end of one of the train lines, in a popular built-up area. They charge by the hour, half price after the first hour. One drink is included. Surprisingly it was busy, mainly students.

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There were around 10-12 cats there of various sizes and ages. They weren’t very interested in the humans, except when they offered snacks. Didn’t want to play at all. Most were docile, with the exception of one who showed its claws when people played with it. We were there 2hrs; I wouldn’t call it cheap, we consider it a contribution towards the upkeep of the cats—they were all very well cared for and the staff obviously loves cats.

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