the $220 calculator and the $329 smartphone with no apps

I’m by no means a Luddite, nor do I buy the newest gadgets as soon as they come out. Of course there are gadgets I covet, and who won’t want a new iphone, ipad, macbook pro, apple watch, go pro, fitbit, pebble, xbox, camera, printer…the list goes on. Some gadgets are simply ridiculous for the price they are sold for. Remember the $999 I am Rich app that did nothing but put an icon that said “I am rich” on the loser user’s iphone?


One that has me scratching my head lately is the newest casio calculator. I remember the first calculator I had at school was a casio scientific calculator, I still have it. But this luxury S100 costs $220. For a calculator. It has no wifi, no apps, no camera, not even the more advanced scientific functions. Only 5000 will be released to mark the 50th anniversary of casio’s first calculator with memory. I’m guessing the limited edition aspect will appeal to

consumers who seek the highest quality in the daily products they use

In other words, people who don’t need a calculator to, like, calculate anything. Just as a piece of expensive sculpture to show off on their pristine, mahogany desk.


Another piece of pretty but expensive technology is the punkt mp01 smartphone. Swiss designed, so we know it’s made from the highest quality materials using the highest quality craftsmanship. It follows the footsteps of the vertu in style over substance. What are its functionalities?

  • make and receive phone calls
  • make and receive texts
  • calendar
  • alarm clock
  • store 3000 contacts
  • write reminder notes
  • change ringtone
  • switch bluetooth on and off

That’s it. I wonder about the $329 price tag. I still use my nokia 6300, from 2007, which has a pre-paid number I give out to the public (utility companies, bank, cable, maintenance people). The phone probably has depreciated to zero value now, and the pre-paid sim card costs me $12 a year. It has all the functions of the punkt, and more. I have a few mp3s there, and don’t forget snake the game!

The one function the punkt has is that the sim card can be twinned with an existing number, making it a second phone for use when we want to switch off from our iphone and android obsessed smartphone world and just have a device someone can call us in an emergency. Um, I can forward calls on the iphone to the nokia. And just because someone sends me a text or fb message or whatsapp or email doesn’t mean I need to read and respond to it right now.

I can see the reason behind why they made this phone. It’s for people who can’t switch off from their smartphones. The idea is to physically disable the smartphone (eg by not bringing it with you on holiday) so you’re forced to switch off. If you need to make a call or a text, there are none of the usual notifications distraction you. Pfffft I don’t need an expensive device to force me to switch off, I have enough discipline to do it myself.