chocolate vegemite tasting


When I found out that Cadbury is bringing out vegemite chocolate I got very excited. Vegemite is one of those either/or foods: you either love it or hate it. Food like Marmite/Vegemite, durian, liquorice, oysters, blue cheese, offal, century eggs. I’m in the I love marmite/vegemite camp. (Hate durian, liquorice.)

So anyway, a kind friend from Australia, D, offered to send me a couple of bars. I received them last week, they were a little melted so I put them in the fridge. There were other things to eat first so I didn’t get round to tasting till today.


The packaging says milk chocolate with flowing caramel and vegemite. From the Guardian’s tasting I know that the vegemite flavour is very subtle, like a hint of salted caramel. What surprised me was that it was almost not there. I held the bar up close to my nose and all I could smell was chocolate and caramel. It was the same with the tasting. Overwhelmingly chocolate and caramel, very sweet. I struggled to find the saltiness of the vegemite. There was a little more in the aftertaste, when the chocolate has melted, but not enough.

My verdict? I don’t like it because there isn’t enough vegemite. I don’t like milk chocolate, I certainly won’t buy regular milk chocolate with caramel (the sickly sweetness scares me). I’ve had sea salt caramel dark chocolate and it’s nice. I guess they tried to be very subtle about the vegemite so they don’t scare people away. The problem is that the people who are likely to buy this vegemite chocolate are people who like vegemite anyway, so give them what they like. Don’t skimp on the one ingredient that is selling the product.

In other vegemite news, buzzfeed has this quiz that can tell the kind of person you’ll date with just 4 vegemite-related questions. One of the crazy vegemite creations include vegemite chocolate but I chose vegemite gelato. For relationship type I got:


Hahaha, wonder what mm thinks of that.