bbmm (sort of) happy hour

whiskyflightboard earlgreybourbon

Met mm for happy hour. She had classes till 5.30pm, then needed to meet with her group. So I estimated they’d be done by 6.30 so I said let’s meet around 7-7.30. I went for a haircut and had plenty of time so I scouted around for a venue.

I should know this by now. After so many hours wasted, I should know this. We have different time concepts. If I’m meeting someone between 7-7.30, I get there at 6.45; mm starts leaving at 7.30. She’s improved over the years so nowadays she’ll try to leave at 7. So when I texted her at 7 and she said she’s leaving, I presume she’s getting ready to leave.

Which is a long way of saying I got there really early and sat around for over 1hr nursing one drink. A nice cocktail too: earl grey vodka, bourbon, lime and honey. I thought we’d go to this bar because they have a whisky flight of 6 drams: taketsuru 12, kavalan, monkey shoulder, linkwood 15, longrow peated, laphroaig 10. I was especially keen to try the longrow. But since mm was late, by the time she got there I was irritated and the bar had turned into a very busy and noisy restaurant.

We had a fried calamari, and decided against dinner there. The food looked good, if expensive. We went to a beef shabu shabu place instead. I’m sill annoyed but didn’t want to spoil the evening. It ended pretty okay.