ptown readings, landmarks, beach, lobster

Attended several different events during the day at various locations: author readings, chats, meet’n’greet. The difference between ptown and the con is that I know only a small fraction of people attending, and I’m never sure walking down the street or even at events who the other participants are. There are a few familiar faces, and I gravitate towards them in a sea of strange faces.

00pilgrimstower 00ptownlibrary

In between events, I walked around town taking pictures. Walked up to the distinctive landmark of the pilgrim’s monument but didn’t want to pay $12 to climb up. Walked to the library, the beach and other places. It’s a quaint town, still with character despite the high number of tourists.


Spent a little walking on the beach. So peaceful, to watch and listen to the ocean.

00clamchowder 00lobster

After the morning event, we had lunch at the lobster pot. I had clam chowder and lobster bake—boiled lobster, corn, mussels. The lobster was really good, fresh and sweet. The corn was average. The mussels were gritty. Overall, a good meal.

There were other events in the afternoon. I also caught up with a few familiar faces at the pig. Walked back to the hotel, wanted to walk off the rich food and drink, plus it was a nice evening.