ptown readings, cemeteries, lighthouse

The last day of our events, I stayed in one place for the readings and chats. Some were more interesting than others. It was thundery and rainy at the start so more motivation to stay put. After the last reading we broke down the room. Then off to find food. Ended up more than 40 miles away at Hyannis, at Olive Garden.

Visited some cemeteries on the way back. The most interesting one was Cove Burial Ground where several passengers from the Mayflower were buried, as well as their family members. It’s amazing to see gravestones of someone born in the 1500s and 1600s.


It was around sunset, our final stop was a lighthouse located next to a golf course. Very pretty, like many of the landmarks in the area.

There was time to do laundry and watch TAR. Again, really good to relax and wind down.