ptown whale watching


We had tickets for whale-watching, so we set off early in the morning to the pier to board the boat. A last look at the beautiful harbour on a very cold day, temperature in single digits. I wore my hoodie as well as my coat with lining, and when I was out of the sun, it was very cold.

The ride out to the whale grounds was horrid, absolutely horrid. So choppy it was like riding a rollercoaster. The crew said 5-6 feet waves and there were times when we were propelled out of our seats. They gave us travel sickness pills which barely did the job. When we reached the spot, the boat bobbed in the waves and it was very unsteady too. I headed outside immediately so I could get some fresh air. Wah, so cold, my hands were frozen as I couldn’t put them in my pocket—one to hold onto the rail and the other to hold the camera.


The naturist on the boat was wonderful, he gave us non-stop, relevant and educational commentary. We managed to find and track several whales and the pics turned out pretty well.

The trip back was a doddle, since we were going in the direction of travel. We were all very cold during the long walk from the boat back to the car. There were plans to get clam chowder to go, but we hopped into the car and decided to drive out straightaway.

From the cape, it was just a matter of finding the highway and going. I think the travel sickness pills cause drowsiness because I couldn’t keep my eyes open and slept for a while in the car. Overnight stay at Danbury, dinner at Denny’s.