state college penn state uni


It was only about 30-40mins’ drive to the town of State College, where Penn State University is located. By located I mean the entire town is the university. I’ve visited some very large campuses in the US, and this one is one of the largest. So very different from tiny King’s.

We were early so we ended up driving up and down the main street several times. Visited the big stadium and Centre Furnace Mansion where the university was founded.

There was even more time remaining, so we ended up at the Hyundai dealership to get an oil change. We’re efficient!

We met with our friend Mary for lunch. It was so wonderful to finally meet her in person—we’ve known each other online for 7-8 years. Great conversation, she is smart and wise and articulate and observant. It was a pity that we only had lunch hour. Hopefully we get to see her in person again.

We finished lunch around 2.30pm. We hit the highway around 3pm. It was 560 miles / 900km back to Chicago. We’d decided that we would head back instead of breaking the trip into 2 chunks. Better to arrive home late. Even with breaks, and a longer break for dinner at a service station (I had turkey avocado BLT and chicken arugula grain salad at Panera) we got back to the house at midnight. Total distance driven to Ptown and back, around 2800 miles / 4500km.