sugar in tea

A day of rest and errands. Tidied up the stuff I have all over the guest room. Caught up with emails. Ran an xls report. Went to a supermarket to hunt for glacé cherries and a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is good for Chinatown-styled food. The spring rolls were huge American-sized but not salty or greasy. The beef and broccoli was well cooked, the sweet & sour chicken batter was a bit thick, still okay.


Just a funny observation. They gave us tea with the meal, and I drank many cups. A customer at a nearby table poured the tea into his cup (these are the standard white chinese tea cups) then proceeded to add a whole packet of sugar to it.

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone add sugar to chinese tea. The tea they gave us wasn’t very strong, not the strong and dark 普洱 we get with dim sum, it’s jasmine 香片. Then I thought about it. Tea is tea. People put sugar into what we call English tea but is really a type of black tea. The Japanese put sugar into both green and rice tea 玄米茶 so if this customer likes sweetened tea, then great.

Now, putting milk in tea, that’s another matter. I like one of the comments on reddit:

if you can see the bottom of the mug, it’s too weak to need milk