#moranstrong wine in water glass


The Moran Mayhem for Friday is to post pics of gross food, in honour of Sandra’s posting of bags of pork rinds (what they call scratchings) inside someone’s car. Lots of pics of pork rinds, as well as the usual suspects: offal, pickles, processed food.

I have a whole 101.1001 album of bucket list foods, some of which are in the gross category. Century egg, snail, chicken feet, herring, durian. I’ll leave that for later. I posted a pic of what I was drinking: 2013 cabernet franc from Truro winery outside Ptown. I was hoping to get an eye-roll from a wine expert like Sandra because I was drinking it out of a 1970s water glass. I’m not that particular about what I drink wine and beer out of: water glass, mugs, plastic cups, chipped bowls. At home I use a glass made by chopping the neck off a soft drink bottle. I know I should be using specific glasses, but sometimes I can’t be bothered.