food I’ve missed in the US


I’m home alone in Chicago, which is okay. Read a bit, watched tv. Walked out to the nearest supermarket, an Aldi’s, to get food. Everything is in such large portions, chicken drumsticks come in a pack of 8 and fish (frozen) in a big family pack. Saw individual cornish game hens in the freezer section, so that was what I got for dinner. 180ºC for about 45mins.


As it was an Aldi’s, there was a limited choice for veg. Still better than at home. I bought a huge bag of kale for $1.99, then saw spaghetti squash, wow haven’t had that since…I was living in the US. Cut the squash in half and roasted with the hen. Used a fork to remove the strands and cooked with the kale. Added some goat’s cheese, because I had it. Enough veg for 3-4 meals. Overall an extremely nice homemade meal.


Something else I missed, honeycrisp apples. All we get are red delicious and fuji apples. I can’t stand red delicious anymore and fuji are boring. I wish we can have imported honeycrisp.