school christmas fair



Spent the whole morning, from 9am to 1pm on my feet and running up and down 6 flights of stairs. It’s christmas bazaar at my niece’s school. Somehow I found myself with a volunteer badge, because sis was helping out at the glühwein stall. The lady in charge of the stall made the wine, all we needed to do was serve it and collect money. They also served a small slice of stollen with each cup, so I ended up being in charge of slicing the stollen.

As with past years, the marzipan and chocolate stall was full of people. I fought my way through and bought a bunch of marzipan and lebkuchen. Sis bought some christmas decoration for gifts.

The bazaar was split over all 6 levels (plus basement) of one of the school buildings. There were a couple of stalls at ground level and basement we were interested in, so we were running up and down. The students ran the games area in the gym so that was where my niece was.

Ate a lot too. Waffles, bratwurst, noodles with curry chicken. One beer and total around 3-4 cups of the glühwein. Tiring morning, but quite fun.