whisky club ideas


A few people have expressed interest in the virtual whisky club idea, so may be it’s worth giving it a go. Keep it small, keep it simple.

I think it’s best to start with a fb event, so people can post what they will be tasting ahead of time and others can join in, or add another whisky they will be tasting. If successful, may be move to a fb group format, or keep the informal event format.

Possible tasting themes:

  • single distillery vertical
  • horizontal, eg 15 year
  • single producer/bottler
  • Islay or islands, to include HP and Talisker
  • Highlands
  • Speyside
  • world whisky
  • Irish whiskey
  • Kentucky bourbon
  • bourbons from other regions
  • rye
  • small producers
  • blends
  • peated
  • cask strength
  • NAS
  • bring anything