#websiterebuild travel menu

All the individual trip reports have been merged to the main section and identified by categories/tags. So what used to be in MT terms its own blog, is now incorporated into the site proper.

I could just leave it at that. If I want read about, say, that time we went to Alsace for wine tasting, I could simply do a search for travel,alsace and scroll through the results. Except I hadn’t tagged properly and that post wasn’t included in the results.

With a little effort, I consolidated all the trip reports and listed them out neatly by region. So the same search for the Alsace trip will start at the TRAVEL menu at the top.


The EUROPE page lists trips in chronological order. I can scroll down, or do ⌘-f and search for alsace. Hey presto!


It took a lot of copying and pasting, and now I can type out ul, li and <a href in my sleep. But it’s all setup effort, adding new trips won’t take long. Yes, it’s a manual process, but I don’t mind doing it because I like the result. If I’m really OCD about it, I’ll list out all trips by year on a single page. Or not.

Next task, do the same for recipes.