#websiterebuild recipes menu

Took an easier approach with the recipes section. As I only have around 120 recipe posts in total and I’m not bothered about putting them in any sort of order within their corresponding category, I used the functionality that converts a custom page to a menu item.

If I wanted the recipe for chocolate truffles, I can click on the FOOD menu and select DESSERT. In fact, clicking FOOD calls all posts tagged with recipe.


I like looking at recipes, especially ones with pictures. So I don’t mind scrolling down till I see chocolate truffles.


I just have to make sure I tag a recipe post using one of the menu items. I can also change the menu items quickly, as long as I have a tag for it. The other advantage is I can tag, say, vegetarian lasagne both main and vegetable and it shows up under both menus. Honestly, I could have done this with the travel section, but it’s more important trips are listed in an orderly manner.

In terms of website rebuild, this is 95% of everything I want to do. Personal 25 square pages remain, and I have to figure out the best way to display them that doesn’t involve faffing around with css. Otherwise, switching to maintenance mode.