bbmm happy hour


Met mm at a French bar bistro halfway between my flat and her uni for happy hour. Even sat French style, outside the bar, albeit they had heaters a-plenty on the patio.

The wine was okay, nothing to write home about. We had a good chat and catch up though. She went to a car race over the weekend and as a guest of one of the racers, got a tour inside the…what’s the car equivalent of an aircraft hangar? Anyway, she had some great pics that she wanted to show me.

The snacks that came with our wine was the usual toast crackers and butter, and it was accompanied by some radishes. I’ve never had radishes with wine before, it was interesting. What snacks go well with wine? If Vinepair can be believed, junk food: cheetos with napa cab; glazed doughnuts with champagne and twinkies with gewürztraminer. Hmm.

Here are some normal-sounding examples. I particularly like the pâté and the dates stuffed with goat’s cheese and pecans. In fact, nice though they are, skip the dates and pecans and give me cheese. Just cheese. Now that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.