bbmm outing

Met mm’s family for lunch; they were entertaining a friend visiting from Canada. Afterwards we drove her mum and the friend auntie to ladies’ street so they can go shopping. We continued to the country park near where I went for the night race in september. It’d been raining for several days; we lucked out when we arrived, the sun finally came out.

We found an outdoor bar café and had a glass of wine each. Well, I had 1.5 glass and mm had half a glass because she was driving. Sat there comfortably chatting for over 1hr.


We took a short walk around the waterfront afterwards. It was almost 7pm, so sunset had long gone. The pic is grainy, even modern iphones can’t compensate for the darkness. I had it resting on a railing, so at least it’s not blurry.


We drove to a nearby town for dinner at the cooked food centre of a wet market. The sort of place where you sit on plastic stools at tables that use plastic sheets as covers. Food at these places are reliably good and this particularly place was packed.

We had lamb hotpot, a winter specialty. Belly of lamb simmering in an aromatic broth kept warm using a portable stove. Also came with a basket of lettuce that we quickly dunk in the broth to absorb the flavours. Plenty enough for 2 people.

School starts this week for her, apparently second semester is even more busy than the first so she needs to work hard. We’ll try to find some time to meet up whenever we can.