hawksmoor is 10, moving to nyc and bottles whisky

News from one of my most favourite restaurants, Hawksmoor.

They are 10 years old. From humble beginnings in

what was then quite a dodgy East London street when we noticed a FOR SALE sign above a boarded-up kebab shop

to 6 branches in London and another in Manchester is well impressive.


Now they announce that they will be opening in New York in 2017, as the flagship restaurant at the new World Trade Center. So my US friends will be able to see why I rave on and on about them. Self-depracating as usual:

we’re aware that the track record of Brits stateside isn’t all Beatles and Bond. For every Posh & Becks there’s an M&S, for every Downton a Tesco, for every Cowell a Cole.


And as if we can’t love them enough, they just bottled their own whisky! A 16 year cask from Craggenmore they are calling Clerk of the Works. Hee. Some bottles available for purchase at £80. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to buy, I’ll remember to try it at the bar next time I visit.