dinner with new friends

My uncle and his friends invited us to a dinner. We met them last year at my aunt’s funeral and shared a table at lunch. A mutual love of food sparked conversation and the invitation. The venue was one of those unassuming, untidy, diner places in a working class neighbourhood. They go there apparently often. The food was a mix of specials made by the chef and seafood brought in by the friends.

dinner01whelks dinner05pork

dinner02razorclams dinner03abalone

It was a feast! Started with fried plump oysters and whelks. Then chicken, a huge plate of roast pork, razor clams, giant abalone, fish. The seafood was fresh and simply cooked, mainly steamed.


The oddest thing was, someone brought a bottle of royal salute 21. I think I’ve had a tiny taste at a duty free, but this was the first time I properly drank it. As befitting the unassuming surroundings, we had it in a normal water glass. It’s very good, caramel-y on the nose, smooth tasting, not a lot of legs though. I’ve never had whisky with a main meal, the whole bottle was almost finished at the end of the evening.