comfort food

Some comfort food I go for when I’m sick.

ldn061bagelsoup ire029shepherdspie

Soup. Most people will say chicken soup or chicken noodle soup. My preference is vegetable soup; sometimes chicken soup is even too salty or oily when I’m feeling poorly. On the left: vegetable soup with added kale. And what better to go with soup than something stodgy. On the right: shepherd’s pie with bean soup in Dublin. The ultimate comfort food combo.

udon201411 kor759porridge

Sometimes it’s less easy to make soup or shepherd’s pie. Comfort food when I’m sick and need to eat out: noodles and congee. The thick softness of udon noodles is so easy to digest, and usually tasty too. If I completely have no appetite and am feeling extremely sorry for myself, then the only solution is congee. Takes zero effort to eat.