normandy impressionists


On the way from Paris to Honfleur in Normandy, I was going to stop at Rouen to visit the cathedral and the market. There is plenty enough to do, and it means a leisurely drive to Honfleur so we will have enough time after we get settled to walk around the town.

Then I read about the Normandy Impressionists Festival, which starts mid-April, one week after we leave France. But still, it reminds me that just one hour outside Paris and on the way to Rouen is Giverny, home to Claude Monet’s house and gardens.

flickr: shogunangel under CC

The gardens close in the winter, but will just have reopened when we are there. According to the Indy:

his house is unchanged and his garden is very faithful to his plans, and truly spectacular. Corridors of brilliant orange, carpets of mauve, shimmering water and hanging curtains of willow

It certainly looks extremely pretty, and is an important destination for anyone interested in the arts. Even Mum and I, who aren’t really that artistically inclined. I can imagine the photo ops. Ah, dilemma dilemma.