london planning


I haven’t sorted out where we will stay in London; it’s been very difficult to find an airbnb that is in a convenient area, looks like it’s actually someone’s home (vs crappy short lets managed by rental companies) and within our budget. I’m not only looking at W9/NW6, I’ve gone all the way up the Northern and Bakerloo lines as well as west on the Central line. Forget about hotels, way too expensive.

My plans for London:

  • hawksmoor: it’s been way too long since I had a chateaubriand there; and sticky toffee pudding
  • dishoom: must take Mum to this Indian street food restaurant
  • this new £10 steak place i found on twitter, flat iron
  • franco manca pizza
  • pollen street social or wahaca
  • whatever new restaurants I come across
  • saveloy and chips
  • go to the supermarket and to get food to cook at ‘home’ especially lamb shoulder, veal chop, rainbow trout, asparagus (is it even in season?), samphire, savoy cabbage, kale, celeriac
  • go to the supermarket in general
  • borough market
  • matby street market: this is new for me, looks like lots of food
  • the new whisky exchange shop in covent garden
  • collect mail from my friend cc
  • see if any friends are free for a meal or drink
  • watch tv

Mum’s plans are similar, except her list of shops is longer: Waitrose, John Lewis, M&S, Primark, Body Shop, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, Hotel Chocolat and other chocolate places. Okay, I want to go to some of those too.