prawn & clam pasta


Probably the last meal I’ll cook at home, at least for a while. If I end up selling the flat, it will be the last meal cooked at home forever.

I had to walk down to the station to sell something. I thought about going out for lunch, may be at the craft beer place. Decided against it. I had a bottle of beer at home, so I went to the market and got some fresh prawns and clams. Opened a can of tomatoes and cooked up some remaining pasta. Probably more expensive than lunch at the craft brewery, but it’s all homemade. I had a moment when I started cooking when I realised I’d packed away my salt, herbs, pasta and can opener; luckily I know which box they were in.

So, yeah. Last cooked meal at home. Going to sis’ for dinner and she’ll bring me lunch tomorrow when the movers are here. The end of an era.