health check results are out


The results from the health check came back. Apart from high blood pressure, the rest were all right. Saw both the doctor who did the checkup and a dietician, which is part of the package. The report highlighted readings that were outside the acceptable range and both pointed out the highlight in HDL, or good cholesterol levels. The dietician actually said she has to congratulate me. I like this dietician, she said to continue with what I’m already doing in terms of food and exercise. She also agrees with me that we shouldn’t become overly dependent on medicine and supplements. I told her I take a multi-vitamin whenever I remember, but I’m not in the habit of laying out a row of pills in the morning that I have to take. She was supportive of this mindset.

Of course the big worry is BP. I know this for a long time, and have been avoiding it. May as well face the music. Went off to see sis’ family doctor who gave me blopress which apparently is a newer medicine with fewer side effects. Not sure why she said newer, if it’s already available in generic form. Low dosage, I’m to measure BP daily and go back to see her in a week. Just what I hate, seeing a doctor especially since it’ll possibly mean regularly. Let’s see how it goes, it takes a week or so to fully take effect.