cruise next week

I’ve been on several cruises and generally don’t really enjoy them. The scenery is nice, especially on the Alaskan cruise, but being in close proximity to thousands of people with no escape is not on my favourite things-to-do list. That we’re usually at a location for limited time and have to rush back to the ship for dinner is another dislike.

So why did I agree to go on a cruise again with my parents? Argh. Because I need to add a new country to 101.1001, that’s why. A silly and illogical reason, but perhaps given my obsession with checking items off lists, not entirely surprisingly.

It’s a 5-day cruise starting Monday, with days 1 and 5 embarkation and disembarkation respectively. Day 2 is at sea so there are only 2 stops: Halong Bay and Sanya.

Halong Bay in Vietnam.jpg
Thomas Hirsch / User:Ravn – own work under CC BY-SA 3.0

All right, the prospect of visiting UNESCO site Halong Bay, with its distinctive limestone formations, pillars and caves, is quite enticing. I just have to get over the fact that it’s only a day visit and parents have booked us on an excursion. Ugh, I hate organised tours. I have no idea what to expect in Sanya, thankfully we haven’t joined any excursions but I have done exactly zero research.

I’m sure I’ll be socially miserable on the cruise, especially one that has a high chance of swine encounter. Hopefully it’s limited contact. Also hoping for our own table at the restaurant. Parents are managing expectations, jokingly calling this an easyjet cruise.