cruise day 01: embarkation


Boarding was between 4-8pm so we left home at 4pm via taxi and was at the terminal in 20mins. There was another 20mins’ wait to check-in, it was done by tags so we were able to sit whilst waiting for our number to be called. There was a welcome cake display when we boarded, together with a strange Jesus watermelon sculpture. Huh. Everyone spoke mandarin, which was super annoying.


We have an inside cabin on deck 9, aka Tosca. All decks on the Costa Victoria seem to be named after operas. The cabin has 2 twin beds and a bunk, so I get the bunk. Long time since I slept on a bunk bed. The cabin itself is quite okay, room enough for 3 people.

vic071seafood vic072pork
vic073cheese vic074diplomat

Went to one of the restaurants for dinner. Here’s what I don’t like about cruises, having to share a table. The other guests were a threesome consisting of a mum, a cute 4-year old and an auntie friend; and another middle-aged couple. At least everyone was quiet and polite. Dinner was deep fried seafood, salad, pork paillard, cheese, diplomat cake. Argh, nothing good. The seafood was doughy, the salad watery, the pork tasteless and served with sad vegetables. No idea what the cheese plate was, apparently edam, provolone, monte nero–they all tasted the same. The diplomat cake was too sweet and the puff pastry soggy. After dinner we went up to the 11/f buffet for salad, hoping that it’d be not watery. I found a big bowl of fennel, so I was more satisfied.


Walked around the deck, watched some of the 8pm light show that was visible from where we were. Back in our cabin at 9pm, shower, reading and ready for bed.

full set of ship pics and food: flickr