cruise day 02: at sea


At sea day. Breakfast at the restaurant. Ordered an Italian breakfast–pesto omelette which was underseasoned, 1/6th of a grilled cherry tomato (seriously), salami, croissant and I asked for a side of bacon. The waiter didn’t seem to understand the concept of side order. Asked for tea, didn’t get any. Disappointing. Went to the other restaurant, self-service this time, and again asked for a cup of tea. Got lukewarm water in the non-teacup cup and a tray of green and fruit teabags. No milk. How hard can it be? Eventually resorted to going back to our cabin and making my own PG, at least they gave us a kettle in our cabin.

Parents went to walk around the deck and watch the group dance exercises, I went to the fitness centre to use the treadmill. Eeek, stupid noisy women walking on the treadmills next to me. Ignore. For lunch parents found the aft outdoor café that was relatively quiet. It’s right outside the buffet so convenient for getting food. They set up a couple of noodle stations in the café–fried noodles and soup noodles made from handpulled noodles. At least the noodles were freshly made.

vic085noodles vic088pizza

More fennel, and I discovered a very light raita dressing that went well with it. Other food was unimpressive–roast pork was dry, pastries for dessert was dry and too sweet. The pastry on the lemon meringue pie couldn’t be cut even with a knife. The only reasonable food were ones that took little effort–roast potatoes and braised cherry tomatoes.

Back to cabin to read and nap. Tried pizza for tea, I quite liked the dough but parents didn’t. Barely any topping, it’s some sort of red sauce.

vic092lobster vic093parfait

Gala dinner. Our friends from last night joined us at our table. Sigh, better than complete strangers I suppose. Ox tongue, seafood pasta, baked lobster, oreo parfait, ice cream. The pasta came with one single mussel, the lobster was horribly overcooked and the parfait was like no parfait I’d ever tried, it tasted like mousse and had no oreo flavour. The vanilla ice cream was decent.

There was a performance of Nessun Dorma by the resident tenor (we saw him having dinner at the buffet later). People going up to him to take selfies while he was singing, huh.

After dinner there was supposed to be a cocktail with captain and crew but there were too many people so we escaped back to our cabin. Parents went to the cocktail eventually but I stayed put.