cruise day 04: sanya


Thought I’d try the omelette station at the outside café. No taste whatsoever. I watched the chef cook it and he added no seasoning. Plus it was overcooked. Grilled tomatoes and broccoli were okay, hard to mess those up.


Arrived at Sanya on Hainan island in the morning. The port is located on a man-made island with 5 blocks of residental or hotel buildings. Everything looked fake. We didn’t join any excursion but it was easy to take the CNY5 shuttlebus to the end of the port.


Next to the port entrance was an artificial beach, can see our ship vaguely in the background.

sanya026street sanya031wall

Most of the attractions on Sanya weren’t attractive to us. There’s a rock where someone famous wrote end of the world and sea, temples, beach resorts. We just walked around. There was a pedestrianised shopping street with clothing stores and jewellery stands. Spent some time inside a supermarket but didn’t buy anything. It was just like Shunde. Lots of people, wide streets, useless shops. Crowds gathered everywhere, including around a wall where colourful notices were posted.

sanya036market sanya039market
sanya042market sanya044market

Found a market consisting of street market selling fruit and wet market selling the usual meat, fish, veg. Crowded with locals, stuff seemed fresh.

sanya055clinic sanya057freefood

A couple of odd sightings. Walked past a shopfront with people lounging in chairs at the front. But look carefully, everyone sitting down was attached to an IV. There was a toy shop next door and a mum was browsing through the selection with her son, also hooked up to an IV. She was holding his bag whilst he was playing around. Strange. At another street there was a queue of people outside a shop. Turned out that it was a buddhist place giving out free food. Impressed with the orderly queue, unusual.

Overall, not much to see. Definitely just like Shunde. Vendors giving out leaflets and stuff, which we ignored. We were quite tired with all the walking so we found a KFC to sit down. I was even able to stumble my way and ordered an ice cream, a portugese custard tart and an iced tea. Okay, they had to bring out a menu and I pointed to what I wanted. I tried.

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Lunch was back on the ship, at the end terrace café. Once again not much on offer. Salad, parma ham, sushi. Got very crowded and noisy at 1pm when people returned on board.

Watched the ship leave port, spent the afternoon mainly in the cabin, too lazy to run.

vic111parmaham vic113steak

Dinner was Italian night. Same parma ham as lunch, more tasteless spaghetti and the only good main meal on the cruise of Roman style steak. I asked for it rare, knowing that it’ll come medium rare. It was almost medium, but still not bad. The chocolate ice cream was awful and powdery. Asked for fruit.

Back to our cabin for shower and packing.