cruise day 05: home


Day of disembarkation. Breakfast then had to vacate our cabin by 9am. Ship scheduled to arrive at 1pm so way too much time to waste. Ended up at a corner of the theatre, sitting and reading.

Lunch was at the self-service restaurant. Usual barely edible foor. Roast chicken was okay, people were queuing and stopping to wait for the chef to chop up the dark meat. There was a baked mozzarella pie that was quite decent.

I went down to 6/f deck to watch the ship dock. A pilot boat was nearby hovering, watching closely as the ship parked. Then it was time to disembark. By 1pm we were off, a long walk to get our luggage then a shorter walk to the bus stop. Home by 2pm.

Mum asked me how I rated the cruise. I said 1 out of 10. Too crowded, too many of the same stupid noisy people I avoid day in day out. Food was terrible. The cabin was fine except there were constant problems–the wardrobe door creaked loudly, one day there was no water, the loo didn’t flush all the time. Way too many mainlander crew who should know better than to speak mandarin at us. The bright spots were our steward David and our waiter Hendrick, both from Indonesia. Always with a smile, always getting things done promptly. Apparently they only make USD300-400 a month, and get charged the same rates as us for internet and food. Gave both a nice tip.

Hopefully I will put my foot down next time and refuse to go on a cruise. I spent most of my spare time in the cabin reading, which I can do at home. Yes, I got to visit Vietnam. Not a big deal.