Another senseless terrorist attack. Ths airport and Maelbeek Metro station in Brussels came under attack on Tuesday.


There’s a small part of me that is angry at TPTB. They knew the Paris bombers lived in Belgium, there was talk that an attack on Brussels was planned / foiled. But honestly, all the police in the world can’t stop someone with a backpack going to the landside of an airport, or a metro station. Mostly, I’m sad and want to reach out to the victims and everyone in Brussels. This drawing from Le Monde is poignant and full of sympathy. We all feel like France at this moment.

In less than 10 days’ time, Mum and I will be in Paris and then mid-April we’ll be in London. Am I worried? I’ll be a fool if I said flippantly, “no.” But am I tempted to cancel? Absolutely not, and reddit agrees it’s still safe to travel to Europe. I’ll be vigilant and prepared to go through plenty of security checks. It’s a way of life in the world now, I doubt the threat of terrorism will decrease during my lifetime.


I have good memories of Brussels and this is what I will think about today. A beautiful, cosmopolitan city with beers, chocolate and frites.


Great architecture and a pleasurable city to walk in. That’s the Brussels of my mind.