#101 be more…grateful and patient with family


So on this Good Friday, I want to express my gratitude for my family. My dad has been feeling poorly the last few days with what we initially thought was the flu. His temperature was still up this morning when he went for a repeat consultation at the doctor’s. I was out at lunch with mm when Mum called to say doc said it’s pneumonia. Ack. I went home asap.

Apparently it’s community-acquired bronchopneumonia. Coughing, tiredness and not enough oxygen leading to shortness of breath and increased heart rate. Doc actually recommended an overnight hospital stay but there weren’t any beds so dad got a shot instead. He slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon and wow, the shot was good. Temp down to 37.4ºC and he felt good enough to walk around, take a bath and even attempted to wash dishes before we shooed him away.

Mum and I made dinner. Congee with veg for dad and leftover noodles for us. We called Sis to update her. Doctor’s orders were that no one visits, so we told sis to stay put. Doc also said mum and I are likely already infected but our bodies may be able to fight it. Reminds me of that Plague game I play. I had a sore throat a couple of days ago and right now I feel a little discomfort in my chest and have a slight cough. Went running with no problems though and have been drinking water.

Our family tends to not communicate; we can sit around the dinner table in total silence. Sometimes communication takes the form of irritated words. A small illness like this made us work better together. I’m doing my very best to be patient and understanding. Mum is also stepping up. I know Sis will pitch in immediately whenever she is needed. We spend too much time normally arguing about tiny things, it’s not worth it and I should always try to be positive and supporting.

The trip to Europe is at risk. We’ll see how it goes over the Easter weekend. Mum will probably cancel her ticket so now it’s up to me to decide if I want to continue the trip on my own or shorten it.