fast food hotpot


On the way home with Mum, we’ve been stopping off to have dinner. We’ve had a set including chicken, vegetables, pork chop. I thought I was quite good to avoid the set that came with a can of coke or coke zero. I’m not 100% off coke zero, probably about once every week.

We’ve also had pasta. Tonight we went to Café de Coral, a local fast food place. Mum had baked pork chop and rice and I opted for a winter special: individual hotpot. Quite a generous portion and the soup is heated using tiny burners. Beef, dumplings, tofu, mushroom, lettuce, udon. The soup was a bit too salty for my taste but I was very full afterwards. Good meal, inexpensive too.

Fast food and hotpot seem to be oxymorons, but it worked in this instance.