I didn’t vote in the last general election because I didn’t keep up my registration on the electoral register when I left the UK. Not that my one vote would have counted, I figured. Except that’s exactly the wrong attitude. I’ve been following what’s going on in the SMH-worthy US primaries. Time and time again people are telling their friends to go vote, because their one vote does count. People who are passionate about their parties and issues are more likely to vote in large numbers, and sometimes that’s led to bad results because people with extremist or discriminatory views have simply cared more than the lethargic majority.

Sis has been nagging me about 2 things: get health insurance and register to vote. We were talking about Brexit and she reminded me to go register asap. The FCO has been calling on the estimated 5.5 million overseas British citizens to exercise their right to vote.

It’s really easy to do online and yes it only took around the time to make a cup of tea. R is registered in Chichester; Sis and I are in Westminster. When I have time, I’ll register for mm too. Seems like the publicity is working with over 2000 registering every day.

The criteria is that the person has to have been registered as a voter or left the UK in the last 15 years. Don’t know why it’s 15 years, sounds arbitrary. Some people who left more than 15 years ago are also fighting to have their voting rights recognised.

Hopefully more than 106,000 overseas British citizens bother to vote at the June referendum. That’s the number in the last general election.