reading, telling time

My great-aunt in Toronto emailed me to say

take care your MOM and go on with the daily life

so that’s what I will try to do. The overnight beef stew went down a treat, comfort food at its best.


We both stayed in all day. Mum watching videos on her ipad and me reading. I have plenty of unread books but right now I want to go back to favourites that make me smile. For the first time in a long, long while I grabbed one of the books on my bookshelf instead of reading on the ipad.

Strange feeling, reading a physical book. It’s a grotty day and whenever it starts to rain and gets dark I have to turn on the light as opposed to turning up the brightness. And then I kept glancing up at to the top of the page to check the time and am disappointed to see a blank spot. Of course there is no clock at the top of a page in a paperback. Except if I have some fun with photoshop.