maison eight restaurant

R is an investor in a new restaurant called maison eight that is a three-in-one food & beverage destination: a huge bar space called the Ballroom including a cocktail bar opened by a celebrity bartender, an intimate French fine dining restaurant and a private function room. Soft opening this week, so we went off to try.

maison002space maison003bar

The bar is definitely huge and swanky, to the point of gaudy. Apparently it can hold 300 people and also has an outdoor terrace with harbour view. Large selection of drinks and specially created cocktails by Salvatore, the celebrity bartender from London. R had a couple of their cocktails, Sis had lychee martini and I had an old fashioned. Nice drinks. The bartender even made a raspberry mocktail for my niece.

maison036duck maison037croquette

The restaurant is small and intimate. Largely French with 4 steaks as mains. I had lamb, sis had lobster, my niece had salmon soufflé and they made a risotto for R. Oh, they started us with 2 amuse bouches: duck and potato & cheese croquettes. We all loved the croquettes.

maison042lamb maison043salmon

My lamb rack was small–must have been a very, very young lamb. Suitably pink with braised vegetables. The salmon soufflé looked good too. The lobster according to sis was nice and suitably puffy when served. R ordered a bottle of wine, but they couldn’t find it, nor the second bottle he ordered. They served us a glass of house wine to tide us over.

maison061baba maison062panna

I had rum baba for dessert, it’s been a while. The other desserts–pannacotta, almond cake–were all good.

I can’t imagine what the bill came to, even with investor discount. Must have been astronomical. Definitely a special occasion place.