write cheque, post letter


When it rains it pours, right. Add to all the sadness and stress lately, the credit card thing is close to tipping me over the edge. The medical insurance I took out last week didn’t go through cos they couldn’t charge my credit card. Because the card is suspended after someone tried to use it at some US restaurant. The only other method of paying is by cheque. Cheque! Looking at my chequebook, the only cheques I write are for management fee. There are very few uses for cheques nowadays.

So everything will be done the old fashioned way. I’ll write a cheque and post it to my FA. Postage rates have gone up and I don’t have the right stamps so I put 2 of the old rate. Then I had to figure out where the nearest postbox is. I remember postal collection used to take place 3-4 times a day, now it’s only once a day. Just to show how much things have changed.