errands for myself

Half day to take care of my own stuff.

Met my FA to sign some more forms. She treated me to peppermint tea and we talked about finances and her upcoming pilgrimage trip to Italy. I gave her some tips on Vatican and Assisi: staying at retreat houses, how to apply for Vatican tickets, what to do in Assisi etc.


Routine doc visit to check blood pressure. Ever since she got me started on medication the numbers have been good. Unfortunately I have to continue, I thought it may be possible to stop and only take it when necessary. Anyway, will continue to monitor.

Went over to uni to meet mm for tea. There’s a vegetarian place on campus that has a tea set. We’re both under a lot of stress and haven’t been as supportive as the other would like. It was nice to chat and we need to make time for each other.

Home to pick up mail. From the curtain placement, looks like the estate agent has brought people around to view, but no interest yet.