bbmm jap lunch, #happyhour


Met mm for lunch. Didn’t want her to drive ryan so just met her in town. We went to a japanese restaurant called sushi shota that she visited once before with ex-colleagues. New for me. Quite upmarket, lunch sets were local $160-380 (USD20-50).

We sat at the counter (the best place to sit at a japanese restaurant) and both went for the mid-range Hokkaido chirashi set. Salad and chawanmushi to start; the sushi bowl had an abundance of fresh and delicious fish: salmon, salmon roe, uni, striped jack, fatty tuna, whelk, scallop, spot prawn. Sesame ice cream to finish.

Great to take a leisurely lunch and catch up. I really miss her, and I think/hope she misses me too although she seems to be way too busy with exams, coursework and other obligations.

Ran an errand or two–had to change my credit card for my mobile and internet autopays, remember my credit card got compromised and I had to get a new one?

Anyway, perfect timing to decamp to a happy hour place. My suggestion this time: HMV café. They opened a huge 3-storey store and we walked around looking at CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and headphones before finding a bar table at the bar-café. She had a black coffee and I had the house red. It’s a fantastic happy hour meeting place: convenient location, quiet restaurant, decent drinks selection and music that is present but not overly loud.