mum’s birthday

Mum’s birthday. Lunch at home, I cooked noodles because it’s a traditional birthday food.


Met sis and G for drinks at the Globe. I had a milk stout. It’s the first time I try milk stout–it’s smoother and milder than regular stout and this one, from Kent, is nice and easy to drink. A bit expensive though, they’re charging us fancy craft beer prices.


For dinner we all went to this waffle place. I had fried chicken and waffle, the waffle was pandan but I couldn’t taste the pandan. Freshly made and crispy waffle though. The chicken was frozen, nothing special.


For dessert we all shared a berry waffle with ice cream. Good meal. My mains was slow coming out so either they comped us 2 glasses of wine or they forgot to put them in the bill.