fusion spring rolls


Mum and I went to this dimsum place that is like a diner/noodle place as opposed to a regular restaurant. We ordered by ticking our selection on a menu sheet. Prawn & vegetable dumplings, stuffed tofu rolls, fish congee and a new item: long thin spring rolls filled with cheese and prawn. I can taste the prawn but couldn’t see or taste any cheese. Crispy on the outside though, so not bad. The congee was excellent, we’ll order it again. I was trying to figure out what 泥鯭 is in English, and have mixed results. It’s some sort of spinefoot, or rabbitfish. I’ve seen it described as slimy spinefoot or mottled spinefoot.

Some sort of attempt at fusion I guess. There’s a big trend towards fusion dimsum nowadays. Mostly, it’s interesting and sometimes it works.

Dessert was steamed ginger jelly pudding. Very gingery, we liked it. Bill came to under £10 for two.