Sis and I went to a fun event called winewalk. 17 stores and restaurants in the area around fashion walk took part. For the price of a ticket, we get a wine glass and a passport and we can walk around visiting each participating outlet. They will give us a small serving of wine and sometimes there were snacks.


We started at the Moët van. Even though it was flat (!) it was still delicious. Other places served mostly new world wine. Pacific Coffee had a nice Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. Simplylife/Minh & Kok served this Margaret River Cab Merlot that was truly awful; I discretely poured it away after one mouthful. The Japanese brewery Coedo had a California Chardonnay–I’m never a Chardonnay fan, it was okay but bland.


Coast had a Yarra Valley rosé that was very good, but the server gave us such a small portion it was pathetic. Coast also had one of the better snacks: a small prawn cocktail.


One of the more interesting selection was a French cider. The two girls we were sitting next to on the bench didn’t like it, but I thought I’d give it a try. It was pretty nice. Bear in mind that it’s a winewalk so most people expected wine.


Almost time to go, I wanted to try the Yarra Valley Chandon Brut Pinot Shiraz at Wildfire because we don’t often drink sparkling reds. Ugh, now I know why we don’t drink sparkling reds, it tasted like cough syrup with a bit of fizz.


Good thing we saved the best till last. Ted Baker served ice lolly with Veuve Cliquot. Arguable about whether VC is better than Moët, who cares! Both were great. Having a cool ice lolly was perfect.

I counted up my stamps, I visited 15 out of 17; Sis had fewer. Considering the small serving sizes and I didn’t finish each glass, probably around 3 glasses in total.