outing to tai o fishing village

Met with my great-aunt again, for a day’s outing. I’d forgotten that the place I wanted to go to, a traditional fishing village, involved a ferry ride plus a bus ride. For some reason I thought the ferry would bring us there. Never mind, both Mum and Great-Aunt qualify for senior fare and it was nice to sit in an air-conditioned bus for half an hour.


The village is a traditional fishing village still occupied by fishing folk. A lot of them have turned to the tourist trade now, running dried goods stores, restaurants or boat trips. The houses at the village are rickety wooden structures built on stilts. It’s amazing how they have weathered the elements for so many years.


There’s a lot of talk about the area being redeveloped, which would mean the stilted houses are pulled down. There’s a lot of resistance, thankfully.

It’s a weekday so the number of visitors was tolerable. We got there around 1.30pm and first order of business was to find lunch. Then walked around the village, across the bridge for more views of houses. There’s a sense that time stopped a few decades ago.

taio051bluehouse taio048abandoned

Some of the other houses inside the village are made with tin cladding. We imagine they can get hot in the summer. Then again, most of them appear to be air-conditioned. There’s one house that’s abandoned. All the windows and doors are gone and it’s overrun with vines now. Creepy.

Great day out. Nice day that was cloudy but not humid. Lovely to spend another day with my great-aunt.