a day of successful errands

According to our calendar, today’s schedule had mum’s clinic visit, that’s it. It’s just a regular visit for her to replenish her meds. She had some tests done recently, and the results were fine so it was a relief.

We actually did way more than just visit the clinic today. Feeling proud we accomplished so much.

Went to the government office (building next to the clinic) to fill in a form. Then a long bus ride to the pensions office to sort out her pension.

Tram to Ikea to look at a new mattress for her. Unfortunately the ones at Ikea are not to our liking: they’re way, way too soft. Went to Sogo, and lucked out that they are in the middle of a sale. Tried out a few mattresses and she liked the one from Slumberland. Good value but still on the pricey side. Went to a couple of other shops to compare prices.


By then it was 5pm, Mum was pooped and wanted to sit and rest for a bit. Whereas before we’d go to mcdonalds I have a new place to go now, the hmv café. Okay, it’s much more expensive than mcdonalds but there we don’t have to fight for too few seats, it’s much more comfortable and the selection is miles better. I had a tetley’s (ale not tea) and mum went for the chocolate smoothie.

In the end, we went back to Sogo to buy the Slumberland mattress. 60% off, and the saleslady gave us an extra 5% VIP discount even though we’re not members of their VIP club.