world whisky day


It’s world whisky day. My whisky today is toasted to Papa, who would have enjoyed this. The bottle is a newly opened Laphroaig QA cask:

initially matured in bourbon barrels before being finished in charred American white oak casks. The result is a peaty, warming and spicy whisky

I bought it at DXB together with a PX cask. It was duty free only, but now available at TWE for £56 (litre bottle). The “QA” comes from Quercus Alba, Latin for American oak.

The peaty aroma hits as soon as it’s nosed. Quite distinctive Laphroaig, although less so than the PX or even the 10 year. In terms of taste: smooth, sweet with a pleasant tail. Easy on the palate to the point of uninteresting, actually. A r/scotch reviewer aptly described it as:

a very tame 10 year

That said, a nice one to try although for me the 48% Quarter Cask, at £35, is the better choice. QA at 40% works out to be £40 for 700ml.