cat café

My suggestion for bbmm meetup was to go find a happy hour place but mm came up with cat café so off to the kitty place we went.

This is the first time we visited this particular café. The usual: clean hands before entering, change to slippers, be mindful of the cats. One drink is included, mostly fruit teas.


About half the cats were happily sleeping. And we could see that they are well cared for. A couple came and played with us. A lovely ginger with big eyes and a round face.


Very active too. We were sat at the corner and he often came to the corner so he can launch himself at either one of our toys or the other customers’ toys at the other end of the café.

cattune062bwplay cattune072bwplay

The other was a white and black long-hair. He played with mm’s toy and even my backpack wasn’t immune.

Got a video of the two of them playing.