two lunches

Two contrasting meals yesterday vs today.


Sunday lunch was at a busy, noisy vietnamese place. Mum had pork chop glass noodles and I had the three-way rice: red rice with chả lụa pork rolls, chicken wings and lemongrass pork chop. Came with a drink and I could upgrade to one of the special drinks. I opted for salted lemon and ginger ale. I should buy some lemon and salt and make my own preserved lemon.


Monday lunch was homemade butternut squash soup with leftovers. I made the soup by spending the entire Sunday afternoon making turkey stock from the usual suspects: bones that have been sitting in the freezer, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, peppercorn, random herbs. Roasted the butternut squash while the stock was simmering. The soup did not need any seasoning, it was sweet from the squash and there was enough salt from the bones (was from a roast turkey). Bulked up using leftover alphabet pasta, ‘hairy’ courgette, pork chop and tofu that has also been in the freezer. Yep, frozen tofu is so totally different from regular tofu, it’s

sturdier, chewier, more flavorful

and gives another texturual dimension to a soup. I call it presentation!fail but delicious.