printer needs new cartridge


Been using the printer more recently, lots of documents to photocopy and print.

Time to change the black cartridge. I bought some that isn’t HP branded, the colour ink ones work fine but the new black one–the printer refuses to use it. I tried cleaning the printer head but nope.

It’s either one of two known issues. Certain HP printers tend to suddenly stop printing black. But it’s more likely due to the chip: HP doing all they can to make people use their own cartridge.

When I replaced the non-branded one with the HP branded one, hey presto! Works again. Now I have a non-working but full ink cartridge, if only I can move the ink from one to the other.

The combined cost of getting one set of replacement cartridges is about the same price as a new printer. This is what printer manufacturers rely on, isn’t. It’s a known closed garden tactic.