garden of remembrance


Two months ago, Papa walked with his own two feet to the hospital clinic. Today we scattered his ashes in the garden of remembrance. Just to show how quickly life changes.

We’d picked the spot for the memorial plaque already, and the scattering was done in the rock pool in that section. It’s a good spot, very open with views of hills and sea. Mum bought a beautiful small bouquet of flowers.

The staff members helping us were respectful and helpful. They verified my ID, then Papa’s paperwork. The ashes were placed in a metal container and we took turns scattering on the rocks.


I thought I might be sad. I was, I am. But it was peaceful and cathartic in a way. I stared at the ashes, the same colour as the rocks, for a long time. Then I expanded my view to the bay and then to the hills opposite. A couple of birds of prey flew overhead, we hadn’t noticed them before. Papa would have loved watching the birds. Googling tells me that they are black kites. One of them hovered close to our taxi on the way down to the train station.

People talk about seeing flies or butterflies or other small signs of departed loved ones. I’ve certainly noticed that I’m surrounded by more butterflies when I’m out and about. Perhaps it’s merely that it’s the beginning of summer. I’d like to think it may partly be Papa keeping and eye on us. I thank the butterflies when I see them.