tussock jumper wines


I was at the small supermarket getting sparkling water when I saw that they had a whole shelf of wine from tussock jumper. What caught my eye: the unusual name, the labels with different animals all wearing a red jumper and then the sheer variety of wines, from cab to pinot to malbec in the red department; sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, riesling in the white deparment. Even a prosecco.

Never heard of the label before so I did some googling. The brand originated in New Zealand, with a label with a sheep wearing a red jumper. The company then expanded the concept, producing

labels with a striking animal character representing its country of origin and wearing the brand’s signature red jumper

Examples of labels: koala for the Australian shiraz, bull for the Spanish tempranillo, rhino for the South African chenin blanc.


Their website shows 16 wines from 11 countries. Doesn’t include the prosecco so 17 wines. It’s one of the current wine trends, sourcing wine from different producers and slapping on an eye-catching label.

I deliberated on which to get. The cutest label is a penguin (Argentinian cab), but I don’t drink cab unless I have no other choice. Malbec from Argentina (beefy cow), pinor noir from France (boar) or the one wine I hadn’t heard of, touriga nacional aragonez from Portugal (donkey) were possibilities.

In the end I opted for the zinfandel from USA, partly because I hadn’t had zin for a while and partly because of the bison label. The tasting notes say

crisp red berry and currant flavors, a touch of spice and a smooth yet crisp finish

It’s fairly inoffensive, if not particularly special. Fruity on the nose and easy to drink without needing to air. A little citrus and a little pepper. Not too tannic, which I like. Enough of an aftertaste to linger on the palette.

Price-wise the collection is upper average scale. Definitely better than the cheap plonk at the larger supermarkets and the labels add recognition. I’ll probably try a few more and get some as presents for Sis’ birthday.