from miracle to giving up seats on trains

It’s a different father who conducted mass today, Father James. First time Mum and I have been to his masses. He’s different. The other father, Father Peter (the parish priest) likes singing. We sing kyrie eleison, gloria and at the end of communion bless the lord my soul. He sings a lot of the prayers too but not Father James.

Father James’ homily was also much longer. He recapped the readings and then expanded. The first reading was about the prophet Elijah’s raising of the son of the widow of Zarephath and the gospel was about Jesus’ raising of the son of the widow of Nain. Two miracles that were completely parallel with each other.

Father James pointed out one exception. Elijah performed the miracle after being asked by the widow of Zarephath whereas Jesus performed his miracle when he came across the procession in Nain, without being asked by the mother.


Father James then did an odd segue. He told us that he observed that people don’t give up their seats on public transportation anymore, young people are too absorbed in their mobiles or are too self-absorbed altogether. Usually people have to be asked. So one of the lessons for today was to give up seats without needing to be asked.

It’s an interesting interpretation of the readings. In fact, it’s not the direction I expected him to take. I have now forgotten the rest of the homily, because the idea of resurrection miracle –> giving up seats on the train is a tad too surreal for my liking.